Target Your Health

–The Birthday Brand–

NTUC Unity pharmacy is a Singaporean pharmacy that recently revamped their brand logo, store concept, and brand essence “Care for Life.” They would like a marketing campaign to help them achieve two goals:

  1. Situate themselves as a caring healthcare partner
  2. Provide customers a better understanding of their healthcare needs, and meet them through their products and services.

–The Birthday Surprise–

Inspired by the Change One Thing Boots campaign, our campaign Target Your Health shares a similar idea of focusing on one health issue.

"Target Your Health" Unity Campaign Logo

Based on our survey research, our target market’s major health concerns are:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Losing weight
  • Good skin
  • Healthy living

Hence, the campaign involves the following four categories.

Target Quit, Target Weight, Target Skin and Target Lifestyle

Our little surprise would be executed in three phases as described below.

Phase 1: Advertising

To create awareness and encourage sign-ups, the campaign will be widely advertised through Print and Outdoor advertisements around.

Print Advertisements

Print advertisements are to be placed in news dailies and health magazines

Outdoor Advertisements

Outdoor advertisements are intentionally placed at areas where people are most likely to think about a particular health issue

Video advertisements will be screened at selected train stations.

Phase 2: Customer Relationship Management

Customers who signed up would receive a fortnightly health package and be invited to engage on the Unity microsite.

The health packs would contain an information booklet written by pharmacists, free gifts, coupons, and samples.

Information Booklets

Information Booklets by Pharmacists

Unity Pharmacy Free Gifts

Unity Pharmacy Free Gifts

The microsite ranks customers with statuses beginning from “Amateur Archer” to “Top Agent” according to their activity (e.g. amount of weight loss) and spending. This would motivate them to work on their health goals as well as spend at Unity to level up. The microsite also provides customers a platform to build support communities.

Microsite Homepage

Microsite Homepage with Ranking

Phase 3: Events

Events would be held during the later part of the year to reward “Top Agents” for their spending and progress towards their health goals. These goal-specific events would provide further motivation and expert insight regarding their target goal.

Health Goal Event
Target Quit 30-Hour Smoke Free Challenge
Target Weight SAFRA Bay Run
Target Skin Operation Clear Skin
Target Living Healthy Cooking Classes


Download the full report in this dropbox link.
Target Your Health is a hypothetical campaign developed by Lois Poh, Elaine Chen, and Charlene Ng

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