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Pulse Magazine Cover

Pulse Magazine

–The Birthday Request–

One of the assignments I had during my polytechnic years was to create a feature writing magazine. My team decided to create a lifestyle magazine called Pulse.

–The Birthday Surprise–

Pulse was a magazine targeted at young Singaporean women aged 13-25.

During one of my interviews, an inter-racial couple opened up about overcoming cultural differences. I also find out tips on fighting Facebook addiction by speaking with cyber wellness experts and people who permanently deleted their Facebook account. Other interesting stories include a profile of a beautiful transexual lady, and a boy who cosplays as female anime characters.

As team designers, Shella and I had a go at designing print advertisements, story layouts and the cover page.


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For more details, download Pulse at this dropbox link.
Pulse is a collaboration by Lois Poh, Charlotte Lai, Angela Lim, Charlene Ng and Shella Suphangat.

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