–The Birthday Request–

During my polytechnic years, I was tasked to create a short paper that features news about Singaporean culture.

–The Birthday Surprise–

Juvebox is a supplementary paper which aims to present young people little known facts about Singapore’s cultural heritage. The name was pretty much a play on the words ‘juvenile’ and ‘jukebox’.

As the team’s designer, I kept the design bold with bright colours and heavy fonts. I also constantly used the Jukebox icon to create a sense of consistency.

Additionally, I ventured into the old Ford factory and Singapore’s one and only dodgy hot spring to uncover stories from Singapore’s past.

Click this dropbox link to download Juvebox.
Juvebox is a collaboration by Lois Poh, Nanthini Banks, Joel Loke, and Shella Suphangat.

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