Sunday Social Challenge #4: Distribute an eBook to your Subscribers

Sunday Social Challenge
Image of a Kindle and a cup of coffee.

Photo by: BibBornem

Forget what the hipsters say about real books having real curves. Electronic books (eBooks) are the future. They save paper, money, and space.

This week, create and send an eBook containing helpful advice or inspiring stories for your mailing list subscribers (if you do not have a mailing list, create one for free using MailChimp). Alternatively, sell them on Kindle, Lulu or Smashwords.

Just for formatting’s sake, ensure your book has the following elements in them:

  • Cover Page
  • Contents Page
  • Headers and Footers
  • A standard, readable font like Helvetica or Times New Roman for your body text

Creating an eBook is really simple. Just start typing your content on Pages (an Apple application), insert appropriate visuals, and export it to the ePub format. If you use a Windows computer, simply use Word and export it to a PDF document instead.

Now, start writing and remember me when you become a famous author!



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