Sunday Social Challenge #3: Trick or treat

Sunday Social Challenge

The wind howled and the skies crackled with thunder. It was just like the night grandma passed away exactly 2 years ago. I stood before her tombstone with my umbrella, on one hand and a bouquet of flowers on the other. Periwinkles- they were her favourite. I placed them on the marble surface and strolled back to my car. My hands reached into my pocket for the car keys.

Wait a minute. Where are my car keys?

My car was locked so I knew I must have took it out. I had not carried any bag with me so it could not be anywhere else… nowhere except the graveyard.

I rushed back to the tomb to check if I had accidentally left it there with the flowers. When I arrived, I sighed with relief upon the sight of my car keys. Strangely though, the flowers were no longer anywhere in sight. In its place lay the following note.

You have two options for this week's challenge: 1. Treat your fans to a little something. 2. Trick someone and create a video about it.

Created by: Lois Poh using Canva

I apologise for the anti-climatic ending to the story. And no, my grandma has not kicked the bucket yet (touch wood). Nonetheless, please go ahead with the challenge.


Instead of people knocking on your door for candy, go sending a little discount or gift coupon to fans on your Facebook page. This rewards your loyal customers and could potentially drive extra sales. Remember to attach a Halloween greeting and a hoax horror story about the customer who didn’t redeem the coupon.


Prank reaction videos are rather popular nowadays. There are many ways to scare people but this Chucky Bus Stop Ad gets my vote on the most ingenious way to scare the daylights out of people and create publicity at the same time.

Get creative and remember, you have to make them go “Wow! I didn’t expect that!”.


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