Create Live Events on Different Social Media

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Remember the first time you took out your phone to vote for your favourite reality TV contestant as the show played live? I felt excited. I felt Iike I was one of the gods deciding the fate of people behind the screen. Now, brands and ordinary people could do it on various social media platforms- free of charge.

1. Twitter: Live-Tweet Reporting

First Live-Tweet From Space Source: Social Media SEO

First Live-Tweet From Space
Source: Social Media SEO

This is the simplest of all live social media events. Nonetheless, there are some things that you should take note of while doing this.

  •  Announce Live-Tweet reporting before the event
  • Create a hashtag for the event
  • Develop a pattern by posting a tweet every set time interval
  • Aim for quality tweets, not quantity tweets
  • Get your facts straight, or expect some shots to be fired

2. Instagram: Instawalks

Instawalks are pretty similar to Live-Tweets, except that you report an event by uploading geo-located photos instead of tweets. Warby Parker, a hipster eyewear label, did this by inviting people to chronicle their journey from the company HQ to the rooftop of Gansevoort for free drinks. Attendees tagged those photos with their spectacles and the hashtag #warbywalk.

Photos from Warby Walk featuring the Warby Parker spectacles

Photos from Warby Walk
Source: Brandhook

3. Facebook: Facebook Live Video

Treat your fans to a live show on your Facebook Page for free. Videos from famous people will also be posted on the website.

President Obama on a Facebook Live Video. Screenshot taken from Facebook Live Website. Date: 22 October 2014

President Obama on a Facebook Live Video
Screenshot taken from Facebook Live Website (22 October 2014)

Also consider Q&A segment where your audience can tweet their questions and place a unique hashtag in it. Selected questions could then be answered during the live broadcast. This gives you social media coverage on both Facebook and Twitter. Double win!

4. Pinterest: Pinterest Mosaics and “Live-Pinning”

To be honest, Pinterest Mosaics are not exactly live events that engage directly with people. It is simply having a team posting on Pinterest simultaneously such that trippy mosaics form on people’s screens. Have a look at how UNIQLO did it.

Alternatively, you could do “live-pinning” to provide users with new ideas as an event unfolds. Just take the cue from Christine Martinez who “live-pinned” a photo shoot for fashion brand Calypso.

5. Google+: Google Hangouts on Air

Select some of your loyal fans to have a meet and greet session via a Google+ Hangouts. This allows you to meet people around the world simultaneously. The video would also be automatically uploaded on your YouTube Channel. Check out TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe Tutorials on Google Hangouts Live.

If you have any other ideas for Live Events on Social Media, feel free to let me know by placing a comment below.


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