The Difference Between Blogs and Websites

Digital Copywriting and Design

Until recently, I have always lumped blogs and websites together as the same thing (except that websites probably require fees for their own domain). During one of my tutorials at school, I gained a revelation about their key differences.

Blogs and Websites Serve Different Purposes

For one, blogs and websites cater to different needs. Shrikanth puts it like this:

  • Blogs are great if you want to create content on a regular basis.
  • Websites are the way to go if you plan on having more timeless information and/or want an online portal with several abilities
  • A website combined with a blog (like this site) is useful if you want to feature constant updates as well as timeless information about your company.

Blogs and Websites Differ in Form

The arrangement and genre of information also differ between blogs and websites. Websites provide us with “official information” from businesses and organisations whereas blogs are part of a discussion.

Blog Form Website Form
Frequently updated More static
Simple site organisation; posts usually arranged in reverse chronological order Complex site navigation; sitemap and breadcrumbs are important
Interactivity mostly related to conversation Interactivity mostly related to e-commerce
Usually written by one contributor Often involves more than one contributor

Blogs and Websites Differ in Style

Websites are styled in a way that strategically constructs a desired impression whereas blogs draw readers in to discover one’s thoughts, experiences, and ideas. These goals are manifested in the following differences.

Blog Style Website Style
Informal and Opinionated Formal and Fact-based
Personal voice Corporate voice
Design and images dependant on blogger’s tastes and mood; tend to be rather ecclectic Often contain a house-style with standard fonts, colours, image styles, and have logo embedded in media items
Filled with text-based posts and enriched with links and multimedia Filled with pages containing crisp and succinct information

If you have decided on a blog, take a look at these 5 blogging tips from the pros. If you have decided on creating a website, check out 26 things to note before developing a website.


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