Three Simple Ways to Get Google to Notice You

Digital Copywriting and Design

Remember how small your chances were in getting that popular guy/girl’s attention back in high school? Everyone else was swarming around him/her. He/she seemed to have an impenetrable crowd of friends. You were probably just another average kid admiring him/her from afar.

Now, imagine that chance being divided by a thousand and that’s likely to be your chances of getting Google’s attention.

Still, you harbour that cruel glimpse of hope that one day, Google would discover how special your website/blog is and boost you to the first page of relevant results. The situation seems hopeless. To be honest, I can’t promise you first page results. Nonetheless, I present the following infographic which shows three Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to help you seduce traffic to your site.

Get Noticed by Google: 1. Create Good Content (Frequently) 2. Use Existing Popular Content 3. Share Content on Social Media

Infographic: Get Noticed by Google.
Created by: Lois Poh using Piktochart

If you have more tips on how to boost SEO, feel free to comment below.


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