5 Basic Ways to Boost Social Media Interaction

Branding and Marketing

1. Find out when is the best time to post a message.

Control the urge to post everything the minute you have a new update. Instead, carefully select the best times to do so. This nifty infographic sums up the best (and worst) times to post a message.

Best and Worst Times to Post on Social Networks

Courtesy of: Social Caffeine

However, a Buddy Media Report shows that the “best timings” differ across industries. For a more customised approach, Beth Cooper suggests 4 ways to find the best time to tweet.

2. Competitions

In general, competitions help generate free content, online engagement and gain new fans. Recently, brands got creative with novel contests such as Red Bull’s Timeline Scavenger Hunt and The Lego Movie’s Lego Movie Skit Competition.

The Lego Movie Skit App

The Lego Movie Skit App

3. Encourage Audience Stories

Sharpie is a fine example of this. On top of encouraging customers to showcase their sharpie art, they feature a “Fan of the Week” on their cover page. With that, I just became a fan.

Sharpie Fan of the Week

Sharpie Fan of the Week

4. Polls

Mountain Dew did it the DEWmocratic way by getting fans to vote for a new flavour.

Polls are also a fast and easy way of getting feedback. Some poll tools recommended by social media strategist Jeff Bullas include Poll, Polls for Facebook, Poll Daddy, and Cup.li.

5. Tag and You’re It

Despite all the controversy and flak it got, it is hard to deny how hugely successful the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was. People had fun, got creative, and raised awareness for a disease. But one of the less obvious factors to its success was the fact that people were tagging their friends to do it. A relatively unknown company is unlikely to persuade an apathetic public to create content. On the other hand, close friends are able to peer pressure you into doing absolutely stupid things. Enjoy one of my favourite Ice Bucket Challenge videos.

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